about me.

Chris Ruiz is an award winning photographer and musician. He was born 1970 close to Detmold (Germany) with spanish roots (andalucia). In youth he moved to Berlin, where he is still living. His photographs range from cityscapes ,landscapes and architecture to streetlife. Most of there taken in long exposure.


"Black and white keeps the essentials for me,
while colors distract. In my opinion it has a no- bler form. It's more subtle. It just keeps my view and my interest much longer. I love black and white in all other forms too, it isn't just in photography. My furniture is mostly grey tones or strictly white, also my kitchen stuff. My clothes are almost all black too. I just love it in any way. OK, my TV is in color!"


Moreover he is shooting bands & portraits for musicians and other artists.          

Chris divides his time between advertisement works and personal projects. You can find some of his works in CD booklets and websites of various artists like Covenant, Blutengel, Robert Görl (DAF), Funker Vogt, Chrom and much more.  He shot artists like Meg Pfeiffer, Elaiza or Stereo Herz.

Photographies have been released in various photo & music magazines ( Photographize Magazine, Viewworld Magazine, Adore Noir Magazine,  Foto Hits, Blogtimes.info, Stern online, Ostsee Zeitung, “Foto des Tages" im “BERLINER FENSTER”, view fotocommunity Magazine, Bunte online, Orkus Magazine,

Sonic Seducer, Zillo Magazine and many more)

He was co - founder of And One and singer/songwriter of germans electro Act Pakt.
Actually he is in the studio again to recording songs for his industrial Band CRUSHING STATE
Chris has accounts at: art limited  I   500px  I   ND Magazine